Miami R2: Federer Clinically Disposes of Karlovic 6-4, 7-6(4)

It was nice to see Roger continuing his clinical form from Indian Wells in Miami by disposing of a dangerous opponent in Karlovic without ever being in danger. Roger was so clinical that he won 49/52 points on serve. Yes Karlovic is not the best returner in the sport but that is impressive whichever way you look at it. Roger dropped only one point on serve in the first set – at 5-4 and 40-0. Roger’s stats are pretty much impeccable and he hit some very nice passing shots. A match against a big server like Karlovic is never that great to watch but it was nice to see how Roger dismantled a potentially dangerous opponent in straight sets anyway. Roger got the break in the opening game, catching Karlovic early on before he was warmed up. In the second set it looked like Roger would get the break at 4-4 and 40-15 but could not convert.

It was down to the inevitable tie break where Roger continued his clinical play and clinched it after Karlovic netter a forehand. So like I said it was nice to see that Roger didn’t have any hangover from the Indian Wells final and that he still looks to be very sharp. The Indian Wells final loss was honestly not the worst thing that could happen. It’s not about how you play one match but how you play throughout an event, and from Roger’s point of view that was very good. As long as he keeps this form up he will definitely win some more titles this year. It’s really about the consistency and giving yourself chances. You are not gonna take all of them. Roger now plays against De Bakker who beat Verdasco in three sets. I think that should be another straight set win. I think Roger should make at least semis in his current form, which would be a good result in these slow conditions.


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  1. It’s really good to see Roger getting his form back as the season progresses, especially after 2013. Roger was in a good form and got a pretty favourable draw at Australian Open. I was thinking if only Roger get that kind of form and draw in Wimbledon or US open, there is a very good chance for #18. Let’s see how this season unfold and I have my fingers crossed for Roger’s chances. :-)

    And Ruan, as you said in the earlier post, Miami is a tournament to grab some points for Federer. I completely agree with this and therefore not so worried about the tournament. I might be wrong but I think even Roger is looking for his Davis cup matches against Kazakhstan more than this tournament.

  2. How was the australian open draw favourable ?Tsonga,Murray,Nadal and then Djokovic.. Yup easieast draw ever.

    Ru-an Reply:

    Tsonga and Murray was out of form. He had a decent draw until the semis, and from there on you are gonna face Djokovic or Nadal anyway. Then in the final he had Stan, but got destroyed by Nadal in straight sets.

  3. I didn’t said easiest draw. It was still a good draw for Roger. Lets not discuss that all over again as the same is discussed here during Australian open. Cheers :-)

  4. Oh yezzzzzz. Roger looking good. Next match will be a really good one, against Gasquet.
    But now, I look forward to Dimi vs Nishikori…. :-)
    Nishikori cannot be underestimated, he is playing some good tennis…

  5. He seems to be very fresh and hungry mentally, despite the amount of tennis he’s played this year. He was really sharp in this match, no mental hangover despite having lost a very tough, close final less than a week ago. He had a clear game plan in mind and executed it perfectly against a tricky opponent.

    A pundit said during a Federer-Karlovic Wimbledon QF: “We expected great serving in this match–we’re getting it from Federer!” and the same was true of this encounter. In this match dominated by serve against one of the game’s best servers, Federer prevailed decisively in every serve-related stat: 1st serve percentage, double faults, and percentage of points won on 1st and 2nd serve.

    Losing only 3 points of 52 served is beyond ridiculous no matter how lousy a returner the other guy is. Federer had nine love service holds and was one point away from a perfect serving set in the first. The key to Federer’s serve is placement and variation and he really hit his spots, making it nearly impossible for Karlovic to return.

    Karlovic played smart tennis and backed his serve well and picked the right times to try to attack the net, but Federer outplayed him from the baseline and hit excellent returns and passing shots.

    He also made the smart choice to receive at the start of the match and it paid off as he got the break in the opening game while Karlovic was struggling to find rhythm, which allowed him to cruise through the first set with nary a worry.

    It seems he’s kept his good form against De Bakker, made some wonderful shots (especially that amazing backhand DTL off of a good De Bakker smash). Finished the match with a nice short slice return that De Bakker couldn’t handle. Now for Gasquet!

  6. One more good win for Roger.
    These AtP and Wta combined tournaments give an extra day in earlier rounds which is always good for Roger. And I think this is one of the reason Roger is still fresh after playing these many matches.

  7. So happy and excited to see Roger carrying on from where he left off in IW. Did very well to get thru the Dr and it was an easy win against De Bakker. Roger’s making a lot of great passing shots this year. Against De Bakker there was an incredible cross court passing shot and a bhdtl one that was so sick! The original Big Four are all finally playing well and nicely gearing themselves up for the tennis season proper. Nadal, after a tentative showing at IW, is suddenly playing devastating tennis again. Djoko seems to have got his mojo back. And Murray was in impressive aggressive mood today. It will only get harder from now on. But the difference this year is Roger is right in the conversation with them and it can only get more exciting!! Next up, Gasquet. Roger should get it done in straights. Kei is sharp and quick and takes the ball early (and seems to have Dimitrov’s number!) Roger would need to be sharp if he meets Kei. Then if Ferrer makes it, Roger will shut him out when he tries to engage Roger in a slugfest just because the court suits him! Thus Roger will have plenty left in the tank for semis and finals! Yay! Common Roger!
    Btw, Mirka looked so beautiful today in her red cardigan and beautiful dress!

    steve Reply:

    Agreed, Veronica. Federer is looking very relaxed out there on court. He’s confident and enjoying himself. He’s serving very consistently and with precision and moving really well and hitting the shots he wants, there’s no wasted movement or effort. He seems energetic and hungry even after that tough final with Djokovic.

    With this good serving and excellent form he can conserve his stamina for the later part of the tournament, when he’ll need to play longer, tougher rallies. I think he can go deep and even win with a bit of luck. So go Roger!

    veronica Reply:

    Yah,Steve, its just so nice to feel comfortable again watching Roger’s matches. Last year I was just tearing my hair out, ha! I couldn’t see any light in the tunnel; I really thought Roger would never be the same again after the major back injury scare. Im really thankful he’s healthy again. I hope for a great year for him and especially to beat his nemesis in a major tournament!! That would really be the icing on top of the icing on top of the cake for me!!! Haha! – and I’m sure for EVERY Fed fan too!!

  8. Btw, anyone saw the half empty stadiums for the WTA?! I read about it, don’t know true or not. WTA often plays second fiddle to ATP (especially when they combine tournaments); plays only best of 3 matches (yet get paid equally…); requires ear plugs to watch their matches; and coaches, fathers, boyfriends can all enter court to coach, comfort or curse! It’s certainly a very different tennis world out there!

    Katyani Reply:

    Hey Veronica, you know what stayed with me?? Karlovic came out on court, a few cheers. Then Roger came out :-) Oh my God. After his match was Novak’s match that day. Most of the people were still there, but he did not get the same reception Roger did. I am looking on YT for that reception at the Roger/Karlovic-match. Cannot find it, I wanted my mother to hear it too…. She is also his fan because I am. So sweet na??

    Veronica Reply:

    Katyani, Roger often gets a roar reception while his poor opponent gets a few polite applause, ha! It’s not fair, ha! Even today’s match against De Bakker, hardly any noise when he came out but Roger was greeted with so much enthusiasm. Wow! So cool that your mum likes Roger too! You are so lucky! All my family, cousins, relatives, including close friends do not like Roger! I am very much alone in my love for Roger! Sob! But no worries, I have so many family and friends here in Ru-an’s Federer blog! Yay!

    Dolores Reply:

    Veronica, dear, remember there is a sub grandma that is all the way with you for Roger’s tennis, love and admiration. Thanks to Ru-an’s Federer blog we have become a family.
    As far as Womens’ tennis goes, I find it boring most of the time with too much noise to boot.
    Good comments, Veronica.

    veronica Reply:

    Yes! Grandma! In the early days when I wasn’t a regular commentator yet, I would look out for your comments and always feel a warm glow in my heart when I read your comments! You are amazing, Dolores, truly!! I hope your grandchild/children realise and appreciate fully what a jewel you are in their lives!! If they are not, you can always adopt me! Ha! You are the epitome of growing old gracefully, Dolores!! Btw, I was in Switzerland last summer and the mountains and lakes are BEYOND beautiful and the people there? Class, Considerate, Kind! I was in the market in Lucerne and bought some home made gnocchi and when I paid for my purchase, the sweet lady replied, “No need to pay. A present from Switzerland for you!” I was so touched! And when in the train, this well- mannered gentleman offered assistance in everything. I travelled 16 cities in Europe. And Switzerland and Austria were the only two countries that people were kinder and more helpful. In Italy, my reserved seat was taken over and when I showed my ticket, the culprit still refused to move! In the end I had to squeeze myself between a huge lady and a snoring man! Ha! And you live in the Black Forest area??!! You are blessed!!

  9. Hi folks read somewhere that Roger’s Dad says the best for him is just to listen to to the applause at the start of his matches. I think last year lots of people were wondering how much longer we would be seeing Roger playing his wonderful this year I hope the tennis fans brings the house down!

    veronica Reply:

    AMEN Elizabeth!!!!!!

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