Bayern Munich new boss will have £350m transfer war chest. The club’s transfer policy is quite simple: buy the best players for the best price.
The new Bayern coach is expected to make a big transfer campaign, so the club”s management will have to use all its resources to get the maximum return.

The club has already managed to sign the following players:
* Lukas Fabianski;
* Mario Mandzukic;

* Thomas Müller.
This list is not complete, as Bayern also signed:
• Manuel Neuer;
• Niko Kovac;
· Thomas Mündel;

The team is also in the process of signing several new players, so it is quite possible that the new coach will have a busy summer.
What are the main transfers of the new Bayern Munich coach?
The main transfer of the Bayern Munich new coach is the acquisition of Lukas. The German player has already played for the team for several years, so he has already become a reliable defender. The new coach wants to strengthen the defense, so this is the main goal of the club.
Also, the club has a number of good options for the acquisition, which will be used to strengthen other positions of the team. The following players can be mentioned:
1. Mario Mandžukic. The Croatian player is a reliable goalkeeper. He is a good choice for the position of the second goalkeeper, which is very important for the club due to the fact that it is one of the main positions in the team’sto.
2. Thomas Meunier. The Frenchman is a solid defender, who can also play in the center of the defense.
3. Mats Hummels. The Dutch player is also a good option for the defense position.
4. Manuel Almunia. The Spanish coach has experience in the defense and is a great choice for a goalkeeper.
5. Niko Kranjcar. The Swede is a strong defender, and he can also be used as a second defender.
6. Timo Werner. The young German player is an excellent option for a defender. He can also become a good second goalkeeper. The team has a good selection of defenders, so they can choose the best one for the specific position. The main goal is to get a good game in the Champions League, so these players will be very important in the new season.
All Bayern Munich transfers will be available on the sports statistics website
Main transfers of Bayern Munich
The current season of the German championship is very busy, so many transfers have been made by the club, which can be seen on the 777score website.
In the summer, the team signed:
1) Lukas;
2) Mario;
3) Thomas;
4) Nikos;
5) Mats;
6) Hummelfelter.
Lukas Fabian is a young player who has already been playing for the first team for a long time. He has already scored a lot of goals, so his transfer to the club will be a good decision.
Mario Mandzuka is a Croatian defender who is a very reliable goalkeeper, who is already in the squad. The transfer will be good for the future of the goalkeeper, and the club can use him to strengthen its defense. The other player who will be transferred is Thomas Münder. The player is already a good defender, but the club needs to strengthen his position. This transfer will help the team to do this.
At the same time, the management of the Munich team has to make some transfers to strengthen their positions. The most important one is the transfer of Niko. The Italian player is one the best defenders in the world, so having him in the club is a real plus for the new team.
Another good transfer of Bayern is the signing of Nik Kovac. The Czech player is the best goalkeeper in the country, so if he is transferred to the team, then it will be really good for it.
Other transfers of Munich include:
·Thomas Meuniers;
·Mats Hummel;
·Mario Mandziukic, who will become a great option for defense.
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