The main goal of the Brazilian national team is to qualify for next year’s World Cup. The team has already qualified for the World Cup in 2002, and it will be even more difficult this time.
The team has a good squad, but the main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape, and they are tired of losing points.
However, the team is still capable of qualifying for the second round. The main problem for the team will be the lackadaisical attitude of the main leaders.
This is why the team has to be more focused and make good use of the matches. The last time Brazil qualified for a World Cup was in 1970.
Will the team qualify for Russia 2018?
The national team has not been in the strongest of form for several years now, and this is the main reason why it is not in a good shape. However, the main question is whether the team can qualify to the next World Cup or not.
It is not easy to qualify to a Worldcup, because the teams have to play against the best teams in the world. However the team does not have such a tough schedule, because it will play against teams from the lower divisions of the world, and not the best clubs.
In addition, the national team will play not only against the strongest teams, but also against weaker teams. This will allow the team to qualify.
How Brazil will qualify for a place in the next world cup?
In the next year, the World Championship will be held in Russia. The tournament will be played in a group stage, and the teams will play two matches against each other.
After that, the teams that finish in the top 4 will qualify to play in the Worldcup. The strongest teams will be in the first and second places.
Brazil has already managed to qualify in the past, but it is still not clear whether the national will be able to do the same this time or not, because this time the teams are stronger.
There are several reasons for this. First of all, the level of the teams has increased. Secondly, the tournament is held in a more convenient format, which allows the teams to prepare for it more efficiently.
If the national football team manages to qualify, it will become the main contender for the victory in the tournament.
Where can fans follow the matches of the national teams?
Fans can follow the results of the games of the Brazil national team on the website of sports statistics. The site provides detailed information about the matches, as well as statistics of the players and their performance.
Fans will also find out the results and schedule of upcoming matches on the mobile version of the site. This allows them to find out all the information about events in their area.
What are the main goals of the team?
This year, Brazil will play in a new tournament, the European Championship. The national team wants to win the gold medals in all the tournaments it takes part in.
One of the most difficult tasks for the national soccer team is the qualification for the 2020 European Championship, because there are no direct competitors for the teams in this tournament. This is why it has to win all the matches it takes place in. This year, it is very difficult to do this, because many teams are in a better shape than the national one.
As for the gold medal, the players have to show their maximum. The coach of the country is Marcelo, who knows how to motivate his players.

The last time the team won the gold was in 1990. The previous time, the Brazilian team won it, the country won the World cup.
Who will be Brazil’’ main rivals?
There is no direct competitor for the Brazil team, because all the teams play in different divisions of world football. The teams that are not the strongest in the national championship are the most likely to compete against the national squad.
For example, the English team is not the main rival of the professionals, but they have a good team that can help the team in the future.
Another team that is not so strong is Germany. However this team is considered as one of the best in the international arena. The German team has the ability to surprise the world with its results.
Thus, the Germans have already managed a lot of victories in the European Championships. This has already allowed them to get into the top-4 of the tournament, which is a great result for them.
You can follow all the results on the sports statistics website. Here, the information is updated in real time, which means that you will not miss anything important.
Which players of the current Brazil squad will be remembered for the long time?
All the players of this team are already in their 30s, and many of them have already played in the senior team for several championships. This means that they have already achieved a lot.
Among the main players of Brazil that will be mentioned are:
* Ronaldo;
* Coutinho;
* Firmino;
* Marcelo.
All these players have already won a lot, which will help the national to get a lot more victories in future tournaments.

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