Gareth Bale is the main star of the English Premier League and he is the most valuable player in the world. In this season, the Welshman has already managed to score a lot of important goals for the team. The main problem of the team is the fact that the leaders are not able to play in the same line.
At the moment, the main problem is the lack of motivation. The team is not able not only to score points, but also to win. The leaders are tired of this and do not want to play for the club that they have only recently joined.
The club is not the only one that is not satisfied with the performance of the leaders. The players are not happy with the transfer campaign, as well as the transfer of the main stars.

The main problem for the EPL is the transfer ban. The ban was imposed by the UEFA and the clubs that violated this rule were punished. The clubs that did not comply with the rules lost a lot and the fans are not satisfied.
Bale is one of the most expensive football players in the history of the world, so it is easy to understand that he is not going to leave the club. The club is trying to find a solution to the problem and it is obvious that the main thing is to find the right partner for the player.
What are the main goals of the club in the next season?
The EPL season is very busy and the main goal of the clubs is to win the championship. The teams have to do their best to achieve this goal. The following factors can help the club to achieve the main result of the season:
1. Good selection of players. The top clubs have a good selection of football players.
2. Good teamwork. The fans see the teamwork of the players and they can easily understand what the leaders need.
3. Good management. The management of the teams is very good and they do not leave the main things to chance.
4. Good training. The coaches are able to find solutions to the problems of the opponents.
5. Good results.
It is easy for the fans to follow the results of the matches of the EFL Championship. The results of matches are available on the website of sports statistics.
How to follow football results?
Fans can follow the football results of their favorite clubs on the sports statistics website. This is a simple and convenient way to follow all the results. The website of the sports statistic contains information about the matches that are held in the Premier League, the Europa League, and many other competitions.
Fans of the Spanish La Liga can follow all its matches on the site of sports statistic. The information about all the matches is updated in real time.
Team’s prospects in the new season
The season of the La Liga is coming to its end. The new season will see the continuation of the struggle for the champion title. The current champion, Barcelona, is the favorite of the new championship.
Barcelona has a good lineup and it can play with the leaders of the other teams. However, the team has some problems. The first problem is that the players do not have motivation. They are tired and they want to win, but they do it only for the sake of winning.
Another problem of Barcelona is the bad form of the leader Lionel Messi. The Argentine player is not playing well, but he is still able to score goals.
Many fans are dissatisfied with the current performance of Messi. He is not scoring many goals and the team cannot even get into the Champions League.
This season, Barcelona will be able to fight for the title. It is easy and convenient to follow its results on the platform of sports statistical.
Will the team win the champion’ title?
Barça is the current champion of Spain. The season has already ended and the club has already won the title, so the team will be the favorite in the future. The next season, it will be much harder for the Catalans to win gold medals.
In the current season, many leaders of Barcelona were injured. This can affect the results, as the team needs a good performance to win matches.
One of the factors that can help Barcelona to win is the selection of the strongest players. It can be noted that the team does not have a great selection of its players. This has a negative effect on the results and the results are not very good.
However, the selection is not a problem for Barcelona. The selection is good, as it is possible to find players of the current team who are able not to miss matches. The list of the best players of Barcelona includes:
* Messi;
* Rakitic;
* Busquets;
* Busquet;

* Alcacer;
The list of players of Messi is not long. The player is able to make a good pass and score a goal.
Of course, the list of best players is not complete, but it is enough to mention the main ones.
Who will be Barcelona’ main competitors in the championship?
Many teams are in the fight for gold medals in the Spanish championship. Among the main competitors of Barcelona are:
• Real Sociedad;
• Sevilla;
· Sevilla is one step behind Real Socedad in the standings.

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