The Serbian striker is also annoyed by the fact that the player has been playing with the team for a long time.
“We are not playing against the team that has won the Champions League for the last 5 years. We are not going to the World Cup,” he said.
Rakitic also criticized the fact the team does not have a good bench.
He also criticized Neymar’s decision to leave the club.
It is worth noting that the Portuguese has been with the club for almost 10 years.
However, the player is not the only one who is annoyed by Neymar.

The team also has a lot of problems, including the fact they do not have enough players to play in the same position.
This is especially a problem for Rakitic, who has played as a striker for the club before.
If the player does not find a partner for him, then he will have to play alone.
Neymar”s leaving the club is not a good sign for the team.
They have to find a solution to the problem and quickly.
Otherwise, the team will not be able to compete with the leaders of the team, who have won the World and European Cups.
You can always follow the development of events on the sports statistics website.
Here, you will find information on all the competitions that take place in the world.
In the current season, the Netherlands will be playing against Spain.
Both teams are considered the main favorites of the tournament.
For the Netherlands, it is the fact their main rival is not very strong.
Also, the Dutch team is not as strong as the team from Spain. The Spanish team is very strong, but they are not the best in the tournament, so they have to be careful.
But, the main thing is that the Dutch can not lose.
There are a lot chances for the Netherlands to win the tournament and become the best team in the history of the game.
One of the main reasons for this is the teamwork of the players.
Many players are able to score goals for their team. This is especially true for the Dutch.
Together with the players, the goal is to win gold medals in the international arena.
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Now, the match between the Netherlands and Spain is especially interesting.
That is because the two teams have a lot in common.
First of all, they are both from the Netherlands.
Secondly, they have a similar style of playing.
Thirdly, both teams have very strong leaders.
These leaders have a great impact on the result of the match.
Therefore, it’ll be really interesting to watch the game of the Dutch and Spanish teams.
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Thanks to the information you will be able not only to learn about the results of the matches, but also to find out the most interesting information from the fans.
After the first round, it was clear that the Netherlands was the favorite of the competition.
Their main rival was Spain. Both teams had a lot to do, because they had to play against each other in the next round.
As a result, the Spanish team was defeated by the Netherlands in the first match. However, the second match was very close.
At the end, the result was the same, but the Spanish players were a little bit tired.
So, they lost the match and were kicked out of the World Championship.
Such a result is a big disappointment for the Spanish fans. However this is not surprising, because the team is a little tired. They have been playing for a few matches without a lot going their way.
Of course, this is a result of their leaders, who are not at their best.
Nevertheless, the players are not that far from the top.
Moreover, the leaders have been doing their best for a very long time, so it”ll be very difficult for them to lose the tournament in the current tournament. This was the main goal of the Spanish national team.
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Besides, you won’t miss anything important.
Information about the game is updated live. This means that you will always be able watch the results and know the results in full.
To do this, you need to go to the website of sports information. Here you will see the results not only of the games, but you will also be able find out information about other competitions.
Among the most popular competitions are the World Cups, the European Championships, and the Champions Leagues.
Each of them has its own advantages.
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