The first round of the World Championship has ended, and the teams have been playing for a long time. This time, the Portuguese team has a good chance to win the title. The main rival of the team is the team of Iran. The country has a long history of winning the World Championships.
The team of the Iranians is very strong, and they have a lot of players who can be called world-class. This is the main reason why the team has such a good chances to win gold medals.
You can watch the game of the Portuguese against the team from Iran in live mode. The match will be held in the stadium of the country. The ticket price for this game is about £200.

The match will start at 20:00 CET. You can watch it on the website of sports statistics.
Teams’ Chances of Winning Gold Medals
The main goal of the Iranian team is to win all the gold medals at the World Cups. The team has many stars who can help it achieve this goal.
1. Mohammad Rastakhizadeh
Rastakhizeh is the captain of the national team. He has a great experience in the national championship. He played for the team for many years.
2. Aziz Hossain
Aziz is a talented player who has already won several championships. He is a player of great speed and power.
3. Mehdi Taremi
The young player of the Iran national team is a good goalkeeper. He can also play on the wing.
4. Ali Daei
The midfielder of the club is a great scorer. He scored a lot in the championship of Iran, and he has already scored in the Champions League.
5. Eshkan Ghazaryan
The forward of the “Persian” club is an excellent striker. He scores a lot from the penalty area.
6. Seyed Ali Asgari
The defender of the same club is also an excellent player. He plays on the left side of the defense.
7. Gholamreza Rezaei
Reza is a midfielder of “Esteghlal”. He was the best scorer of the championship.
8. Ali Minaei
The goalkeeper of ‘Este’ is a very good player.
This is the list of the main players of the teams that are trying to win medals at all the tournaments. You should note that the Iranian national team has the following players:
* Mohammad Rasta;
* Aziz;

* Ali Daa;

* Eshkol;
* Gholami.
All of them are able to play in the team.
Now, it is very important for the Iranian football team to win at all tournaments. If they lose a single match, it will be very difficult to win any gold medals in the future.
If you want to see the live scores of the matches of the tournament, you can use the reliable website of the sports statistics, where the data is updated in real time.
Live Results of the Match between Iran and Portugal
The Portuguese team is very confident. They have a good lineup, which allows them to play against any opponent.
After the first round, the team managed to win two matches. In the second match, the score was 0:0. The Portuguese team was very confident, and it was almost impossible to stop them.
However, the game ended in a draw. The score was 1:1. The following players of Portugal were not able to help their team to achieve the victory.
* Moutinho;
• Gedson Fernandes;
· Sanches;
* Pepe.
It is very difficult for the Portuguese to win a match against the rivals of the champion title. You have to understand that the team was playing against the Portuguese “Real”, and this is the only team that can be considered as a real rival of ”Real’.
In the second round, there were a lot more goals scored by the Portuguese. The first goal of Pepe was scored by his teammate Sanches.
Another important goal of ’Real�
In this match, “Porto” managed to score a goal in the first minute. This goal was scored from the goalkeeper of the rival.
“Real Madrid” was not able not to stop the Portuguese from scoring. The goalkeeper of Madrid, Pepe, made a great save in the last minute.
At the end of the game, the result of the match was 1-1.
Who Will Win the Title of Champions?
The final round of matches has ended. Now, it’s very important to focus on the next stage of the competition. The teams will play for the title of the Champions.
We can say that the final round was very interesting. The game ended with a score of 1:0 in favor of the winner.
There were a number of goals scored in this game. The most important one was scored in a minute. The ball was kicked by the goalkeeper, Pepe. The goal was a great surprise for the rival, who was expecting a goal from the Portuguese player.

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