The French club has been trying to sign Eden Hazard for some time now, but the player has repeatedly refused to join the Londoners.
PSG have already managed to sign the Belgian from Chelsea, but they are not going to let the player leave the club.
This summer, the Parisians have already strengthened their squad with the signing of the following players:
* Eden Hazard;
* Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang;
* Lo Celso.
All of them are considered to be the main contenders for the coveted player.
They have already been playing together for a long time, so it is not surprising that they have already become an indispensable part of the Parisian lineup.
However, the club still needs to find a suitable replacement for the Belgian, who is not only the main star of the team, but also has a good reputation for his tactical flexibility.
It is obvious that the club will not let the Belgian leave the Paris field, so they will try to sign him for a large sum of money.
Will the player agree to such terms?
The player has already said that he will not agree to a contract that will cost the club a lot of money, so the club has to be sure that they can get a good price for the player. However, the player himself has repeatedly stated that he wants to leave the team and return to his native country, so PSG will have to do their best to find the right solution for the situation.
In order to do this, the team will have a lot to do, so their main task will be to find out whether the player will be willing to sign a new contract.

Will Eden Hazard leave PSG?
Eden Hazard is one of the most sought-after players in the world. The Belgian is considered to have a good footballing career and is a key player of the main European championships.
He has already managed not to miss a single match of the Champions League and the Europa League, so he has already become one of their main stars.
Now, the Belgian is one the main candidates for the signing by PSG, because the club needs a good replacement for him.
Eddie Howe has already repeatedly stated his desire to sign Hazard, so this summer the club is ready to pay a large amount of money for the acquisition of the player, but it is still unclear whether the Belgian will agree to the terms.
If he does, then the club can expect a good return on their investment.
Who will replace Eden Hazard in the Paris team?
Now the club have a number of strong options for the position of the Belgian.
Among them are:
1. Lo Cel so.
2. Aubamey.
3. Ndombele.
4. Kante.
5. Mane.
6. Giroud.
7. Mertesacker.
8. Sane.
9. Thiago Silva.
10. Griezmann.
11. Mbappe.
12. Modric.
13. Sanchez.
14. Sturridge.
15. Cavani.
16. Silva.
The list of candidates for Hazard’s position is long and impressive.
Each of them has his own advantages and disadvantages.
But the main thing is that the team needs a new leader, because Hazard is not able to fulfill this role alone.
There is also a good chance that the Belgian can leave the squad, because he is already considered to become one the best players of the world, so his departure would be a good decision.
Where can the player go next?
As mentioned above, Eden Hazard is a good option for the club, because they need a good substitute for the leader of the club and the main player of it.
Moreover, the main advantage of the players mentioned above is that they are all able to play in the Premier League.
Therefore, the players will not have to go through the long and difficult journey to the Champions league, so there is no reason for them to miss any match.
Another advantage of these players is that each of them can be considered to replace the Belgian in the lineup, so if the player leaves the club then the team can still be considered as a serious contender for the title.
What are the chances of PSG to win the Ligue 1?
It has already been mentioned that the Paris club is not going anywhere, so even if they miss the Champions cup, they can still win the league.
Of course, the chances are not the best, but this is the reality of the French championship, so anything can happen.
At the moment, the PSG are in a good shape, so all the players are able to do is to get the best result possible.
As for the chances, they are quite high, because in the current season the team has already won the L1, so any mistake can be fatal for the team.
So far, the EPL is the most popular football league in the planet, so in this case, the L2 is also very interesting.
You can always follow the news on the website of sports statistics.

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