PSG are ready to make a bid of around £44 million for the services of the Ukrainian star.
The club has been trying to sign the player for several years, but the price of the player’s services has always been too high.
However, the Parisians are ready for a new approach, and the latest news is that they are ready and willing to pay a very high price for the player.

The player has already left the Parisian team, and now PSG is ready to pay the price for him.
“We are ready”, the club said on its website.
This is a new strategy for the Paris team, which is now trying to get the best possible deal for the Ukrainian player. The club has already signed a number of players, and it is now ready to sign a new star. The player has been in Paris for several seasons, and he is already a well-known name in the world of football.
It is worth noting that the player is not the only one who is ready for the new deal.
In addition to the player, PSG also has the following players in the squad:
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
* Thomas Tuchel;
* Thomas Straubers.
All of them are ready, and they are willing to make the club a new offer for the star. They are not interested in signing a new player, but they want to get a new contract with the club.
Of course, the player will not be the only star who is interested in a new deal with the Paris club. The team has already managed to sign Ronaldo, Messi, and Lewandowski.
PSL fixtures
The Parisians will play against the following teams in the Paris League 1:
• “PSG”;
• “Montpellier”.
These are the teams that the club is interested to play against. The players of the “Parisians” are not very happy with the fact that they have to play in the Champions League. However, the team is ready and eager to play, and this is what they want.
If the club does not manage to get into the Champions league, it will be very difficult for it to get to the next stage of the tournament.
For the club, the main priority is to get back into the top-4 of the French championship. This is why the club has to play well in the league, and if it does not, then it will have to consider other options.
Will the Paris “Lionesses” get into Champions League?
The team has a good chance to get in the top 4, but it is not easy to get there. The main problem is the fact the team does not have a good squad.
There is only one player in the team that is able to change the game of the team. That player is the Ukrainian Dzekhok.
Dzekhuk is a player who is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute the ball efficiently. He is also able to make important passes.
Many clubs in the English Premier League are interested in the player and are ready with a high price. However this is not a problem for the ‘Liones’.
They are ready not only for a high fee, but for a very good price.
Another option for the club would be to sign another star. However they have already signed Ronaldo and Messi, so they are not ready to give up on the player who has already become a legend.
At the moment, the price is not high, and so the club can afford to pay it.
Where can the club sign a star?
However it is important to note that the price paid for the signing of a star is not always the best.
Sometimes the player does not want to leave the club and wants to stay. However he cannot do that, because he will not get a good contract.
Therefore, the ”Lion” need to find a solution to this problem, and that is why they are trying to find the best solution for the transfer.
One of the main options for the team would be the signing a player from the French Championship. However the club needs to find someone who is a good fit for the squad. The “lions” have already managed this, and in the summer they signed the following stars:
1. Thomas Straubs;
2. Thomas Tuche;
3. Zlatko Junuzovic.
After the signing, the players of “Barcelona” were ready to offer a good price for a star. Now the club’ has a new option, and for this they need to pay more.
Such a star will not only be able to play for the Catalan club, but he will also be able not to leave Barcelona.
Now the club will have a new problem, because it needs to pay for the players’ contracts. However it is worth highlighting that the cost of the contract is not very high. It is worth mentioning that the players are able to leave for free, and at the same time they are able not be sold.
Moreover, the cost for the contract of a player is very low.

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