Spurs confident of signing Batshuayi. The club is ready to spend over £30 million on the player, but it will be difficult for the club to get the deal done.
Batshuaiyia is a player who can become a great player for the team. He is a good defender, who can also play in the middle of the field. He has good technique and is able to make a good pass. He also has a good work rate.
The club will have to pay a lot of money for the signing of Batshiayia, but the player himself is worth it. He can become one of the main players for the Spurs and become a leader in the team’s lineup.
Will the club sign a new player?
The Spurs have a number of players who can be considered for the transfer window. One of them is Marcos Lopes, who has been a mainstay in the lineup of the club for several seasons.
Lopes is a versatile player who is able play in several positions on the field at once. He was a main defender for the previous Spurs, but now he is able become a good midfielder.
He is able score goals for the Tottenham, which is a great sign for the fans.

The player has already scored a few goals for his club, and the club is confident of getting even more from him. The Spurs are ready to pay over £20 million for Lopes.
Who will be the club’ new signing?
Now, the club has a number players who are able to become a new leader for the squad. The most obvious candidate is Batshayia. He will cost the club over £25 million, but many clubs have already paid over that amount for the player.
Another player who the club will be able to get is the Brazilian midfielder Fred. The player is able of scoring several goals for Tottenham, and he is also able to play in different positions on field.
All the players mentioned above are able of becoming a great addition to the Spurs lineup. They are able because of their good skills, which will allow the club get the best out of them.
Main transfer news of the new season
The start of the season has been very successful for the London team. They managed to get a number 1 ranking in the EPL, which means that the club can count on getting a good amount of money from the transfer market.
This season, the main transfer news for the main club of England is the signing by the club of the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson. The goalkeeper cost the team a lot, but he is a key player for them. He managed to save a number goals scored by the team, which helped the team to get into the top 4.
Now the club needs to find a new goalkeeper, as the previous one has left the team for a long time. The new goalkeeper will be chosen after the conclusion of the transfer campaign. The team will be looking for a new keeper because of the following reasons:
1. The cost of the player is too high. The Brazilian goalkeeper costs the club a lot. The amount of the contract is over £50 million.
2. The previous goalkeeper left the club.
3. The current goalkeeper is not able to perform well.
4. The position of the team in the standings.
After the conclusion the transfer period, the team will look for a goalkeeper who can help them to get to the top.
What are the main transfers of the summer?
This summer, the London club managed to sign a number transfers. The main transfer is the acquisition of the goalkeeper Alissons. The other transfers include:
* Fred;
* Lucas Torreira;

* Kepa.
These transfers are not the only transfers the club made, but they are the most important. The transfers of Fred and Kepora are the best examples of the transfers the team made this summer.
Fred is a Brazilian midfielder who is a main addition to Tottenham. The transfer of the midfielder cost the Londoners a lot and is a huge loss for the season. Fred is able, in addition to playing in the center of the defense, to play on the left and right flanks.
In the past seasons, the player managed to score a few important goals for Spurs. The last season, he managed to make several important assists for the players of the Spurs. This is a sign that the player has become a key member of the lineup for the new team.
It is important for the coach to find an effective lineup for Tottenham. Fred can be one of those players who will help the team get into a higher position in the league table. The coach will have a lot to do with the selection of players, as well as the transfer of Fred.
How will the transfer go?
It will be very difficult for Tottenham to get Fred for the cost of £25-30 million. The reason for this is the following:
· Fred is a very good player. He manages to score several important goals.
· The player’ salary is over the limit.
However, the cost is not the main problem for the clubs. The London team is able now to get good money from transfers. Tottenham has a lot more money than the previous season, so the club should be able get a good deal.

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