Why Ronaldo clashed with Ibrahimovic (and what Zlatan said).
The summer transfer window is in full swing, and many football fans are eagerly awaiting the new season. However, the most anticipated transfer is the one that will decide the fate of the team.
In the summer, Real Madrid has managed to sign the following players:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Gareth Bale;
* Luka Modric.
The transfer of Ronaldo is a real surprise, as he was considered the main star of the club. The Portuguese scored a lot of goals, and his transfer was considered a real success of the management.
However, the transfer of the Portuguese was also a failure of the players themselves. They failed to adapt to the new style of playing, and they did not show their maximum.

In order to solve the problem, the club signed Modric, who is a good player and a good addition to the team, but he still needs to improve his game.
It is also worth noting that the transfer was made in the context of the transfer ban, which is still in place for the following reasons:
1. The transfer of Cristiano.
2. The failure of Bale.
3. Failure of the transfers of Modric and Bale.
It was also noted that the club is not the only one that is interested in the Portuguese player.
Thus, the fans of the Madrid team have a lot to look forward to, as the following transfers are expected to take place in the near future:
· Ronaldo;
·2. Bale;
2. Modric; and
3 Luka.
All these transfers will have a great impact on the future of the Real Madrid team. However, it is worth noting the following facts:
a. Real Madrid is a great club, and it can be expected that the team will continue to play in the Champions League.
b. Ronaldo is not a long-term solution.
c. Modric is not ready to play at the same level as Ronaldo.
d. Lopetegui needs to find a solution for the problem of the lack of motivation in the team and the lack in the desire to win.
As a result, the team is unlikely to win the Champions league this season.
What to expect from the new coach
The new season of the Spanish championship is expected to be very interesting, as it will be the first time that the Real team will be led by a new coach.
This season, the main question of the new team will not be the success, but the failure. The team will need to find the right balance between the desire for winning and the desire not to lose points.
At the moment, it seems that the coach of the Royal club is Julen Lopettès, who was the head coach of Real Sociedad.
He was the coach for several seasons, and he managed to get the team to the Champions’ League zone, which was a real achievement.
After the departure of Lopetti, the Royal team started to lose ground in the standings. However the team has recently recovered, and the results have gradually improved.
Now, the results of the current season are not so good, but it is still possible to see a bright future for the team in the Spanish championships.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the information about the results, the position of the teams in the tournament table, as well as the statistics of the games of the clubs.
Real Madrid’s chances of winning the Champions’ League
The season of La Liga has come to an end, and now the fans are waiting for the results from the Champions tournament.
Of course, the Madrid club is one of the favorites of the tournament, but there are many other teams that can be called the main contenders for the victory.
Among them, there is the Real Societe, which has recently made a great start, and is now in the third place of the standings, which makes it possible to fight for the places in the next stage of the competition.
If the team manages to fight successfully for the position in the top three, then it will become a real contender for the title.
Moreover, it should be noted that Real Madrid managed to win La Liga for the first and only time in the club’s history, which can be seen in the following ways:
• Success of Cristian Chivu’s squad;

• Success of the coaching staff of the main stars of the squad; and
• The transfer policy of the leaders of the Club.
These factors can be considered the reasons that make Real Socieed a real favorite of the Champions.
There is no doubt that the fans will be able to see the real strength of the Societed team in all the matches of the next season. It is worth mentioning that the current position of Real Madrid in the table is not very good, so the fans can expect to see some changes in the future.
Do not forget that the next championship is very important for the club, so it is very likely that the management will make some changes.
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